For those hunger for tradition

Homemade with great care in the Aosta Valley: this is definitely what can be said about every single dish that comes out of our kitchen. Ingredients selected from the most superior excellences and rarities found in the region.
Dishes meticulously prepared with passion.
Originality and creativity in pairing flavours.

Our flavour trail begins with a selection of cured meats, cheeses and warm hors d’oeuvres that envelop the taste buds in the distinctive flavours of the Aosta Valley: depending on the season these vary from a fried organic egg topped with fontina cheese and hot Bodeun, to goat’s cheese with apple compote and balsamic vinegar wafer, to mushroom cocotte with sesame and herb crackers.

Then come the first courses where once again you recognise the chef’s territorial mark: homemade pasta, rice grown in Piedmont, chestnut flour gnocchi– all containing ingredients that make up the Aosta Valley’s authentic and flavoursome tradition.

As in any cold place worthy of its name, soups are our speciality. La Chaumiére serves the classic local Valpellinentze, French-style onion soup with wholemeal bread, barley and vegetable soup with Mocetta to highlight the flavour, vegetable casserole.

Nature forms part of the flavour of Valdostan meat: animals bred here breathe air that blows down from 4000 metres, drink water that gurgles from streams borne from glaciers and graze on aromatic mountain fodder. These are treasures making up the Aosta Valley and the secret behind the unique flavour of our meat.

Your journey through the Valdostan flavours ends sweetly with desserts inspired by the region’s scontours and fruit, such as our chestnut Mont Blanc, panna cotta made with fresh local full-cream milk, martin pears baked in red wine and served with vanilla ice cream, apple tartelettes with forest fruit relish, chocolate tart with génépy sauce, tiramisu made with the freshest local ingredients.

All these culinary marvels are accompanied by carefully sourced wines that are selected from both renowned traditional wine cellars and up-coming innovative winemakers.

Restaurant La Chaumiere of Démoz Alessandra
Loc Planchecrouit 15 – 11013 Courmayeur (AO)
Mont Blanc – Italia
Phone: +39 392 95 85 987 – booking@lachaumiere.it
GPS : longitudine N: 45.795112 – latitudine: 6.976232
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