Locally sourced means more flavour

We are in the Aosta Valley: a place where there are still vast areas of uncontaminated countryside. Not only is this reflected in the landscape but also the food.
This is why we choose locally sourced foodstuffs whenever possible: cured cuts, meat, cheese, potatoes, apples, milk, butter, yoghurt.

Our goal is to pair these ingredients harmoniously, creating new blends of flavours, offering new culinary experiences.
Ingredients such as tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil that do not naturally grow in the Aosta Valley due to the cold climate are purchased directly from producers who, like us, put quality and genuineness foremost, and are always 100% certified Italian grown.

Our small-holder producers

Quinson Farm

Quinson is a local farm that produces the renowned Fontina, but also Vacheron (half-fat Toma cheese), Barmettes (Valdostan raclette), Brossa and Seras.

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