La Chaumière
Bistrot and Gourmet

Restaurant on Courmayeur
ski slopes

Lunch at the chalet is a must if you want to enjoy a day’s skiing to the full.

At La Chaumière – a short walk from Courmayeur cable car – you can choose between the Bistrot, which is more suitable for a quick break without forfeiting quality and flavour, or the Gourmet, for those who prefer to linger and savour the flavours of Valdostan cuisine calmly.

Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a meticulous selection of ingredients traditionally found in the region in addition to an original pairing of flavours.

Restaurant La Chaumiere of Démoz Alessandra
Loc Planchecrouit 15 – 11013 Courmayeur (AO)
Mont Blanc – Italia
Phone: +39 392 95 85 987 –
GPS : longitudine N: 45.795112 – latitudine: 6.976232
Where to find us – PI 01160760078